About the Artist


Merian C. Stevens is a self taught artist who was born in the Amazon Region of Brazil. Her family moved to the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro when she was a young child to seek out better opportunities. She left home at the age of 17 in search of work and education. Since childhood, Merian had a passion for nature, colors, the unknown and the unordinary. Throughout her life she has experimented with rare materials and sophisticated techniques. She has capitalized on her broad perspective of the world which was cultivated from her exposure to various walks of life.

After retiring from her work in academia and corporate America, Merian and her family moved from New York to Spotsylvania, Virginia. Only then, after focusing on raising her family and her career she had time to pursue her dream of painting. She reconnected to her passion for art and has been using diverse materials, such as silk, leather, cotton, masonite, paper, wood, metal and different mediums such as gouache, acrylic, oil, watercolor and phyto-resins. Merian
artistry is expressive, bold, and colorful. It has no boundaries and she has brought her creativity to a higher level by experimenting successfully with combinations of mediums in one art piece. Her inspiring pieces include murals, furniture, textiles, scarves, ties, and anything else that is paintable. Her art will transport the viewer to a serene state of mind where one can appreciate the precious beauty captured in the small moments of life.

Artist Statement

I am passionate about what I do and I will not stop mixing colors, innovating and looking for new challenges. I find my inspiration from images in my dreams, or after being captivated by a situation, place, people, or culture. My mind naturally translates what I think, feel, smell, or sense into vibrant images. Using, N.I. Lobachersky words "To live is to feel, to enjoy, to be constantly aware of the new that reminds us we are alive." Even a grain of sand or a minuscule snow flake is full of the divine. The simple things in nature are full of genius, an infinite source of inspiration to me.
God is the creator of beauty. As His child I have just a minute glimpse of it. I believe my art shifts the energy in its environment. My objective is to challenge the viewer to a higher level of freedom and boldness while at the same time infusing serenity and balance.


Associate Member of Brush Strokes Gallery - 824 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA

Member of FCCA – Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts - Sophia Street, Fredericksburg, VA