Silk Scarves

This one of a kind wearable art comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. These scarves begin as a totally white silk and are transformed into an extraordinary piece of art. The watercolors flow into each piece of silk and become a unique design. Therefore, they can not be replicated. They can be painted in a different color other than the one shown in this Gallery if you prefer another hue.
After the scarves are stretched, hand painted and washed they have gone through a metamorphosis. They are colorfast scarves with an amazing amount of fine detail. They can be hand washed, dried flat and ironed, if needed.
The mark of a great scarf is to be the integrating element of an outfit. It brings into harmony your face, style and personality. These scarves will accomplish that over and over again without seeming to repeat themselves.


Silk Ties

The ties are 100% silk and hand painted with acrylic medium. The paint is hand washable. Since these ties are artistically hand painted they are individually designed and they cannot be replicated. I can paint the design in a different color other than the one shown in this Gallery. The tie also can be in a color of your choice. The art can be similar; however it can never be the same. Also I can design a motif of your choice. Examples can be seen under “Personalized Ties”.


Watercolor on silk