• Merian Stevens' art is stunningly beautiful. The vitality, richness, and fluidity seen in her wearable art makes her pieces exquisite additions to any outfit. The scarves are luxurious and fun to wear. I absolutely love wearing mine in many different ways and for many different occasions. Merian's bold and unique talent is also so beautifully expressed in her canvas art. Her pieces are vibrant with color yet calming in their images. Merian' s acrylic "After the Rain" was such a favorite of mine that I had to buy it to enjoy in my home; and I do.

    Cynthia Christian

  • I consider Merian Stevens to be the best and most talented artist in the
    Fredericksburg area.
    I have five paintings on my Living Room walls. They were all done by Merian.
    She is indeed an impressive person; the good lord has indeed blessed her.

    Lt Col Antone R Costa


  • Merian’s art has depth, visually and emotionally. It transports you to another place: a place of peace, calm, and beauty.


  • The vibrant artwork of Merian C. Stevens reflects her passion for life and the rhythms of her native Brazil. Her artwork captures the beauty and harmony of the Earth and evokes an almost healing quality.  The bright colors and watery reflections of Bahia that flow through her work are uplifting and mystically beautiful.

    Kandra Orr

  • Merian's art is a bold and a rich expression of her cultural roots.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing her work evolve over thirty years and like a true artist, seen her muses such as living in the Fredericksburg area influence her subject matter. Her soul, and skill flows from one medium to the next, from silk to canvas there is a heartbeat, a vitality that draws the viewer into her work.  One cannot casually just walk by her works without pausing to admire the beauty, strength, skill, and emotion that radiate from her vision.

    Melanie Jones Craig